Some of our Members


Occupation: IT Consultant

Family: Married with 2 teenage / adult children.

How long been a Freemason? 17 years

Have you been through the Chair / Worshipful Master? Yes – once in 2010

Why did you decide to join Freemasonry: Having gone through Scouting as young child and into my early adulthood, I thought I was missing something in my life – a belonging to something structured. I had a few friends who were involved in my local rugby club and had been through the same Scout group – so when I was approached by one of them to see if I would be interested in joining the “Masons” I was intrigued. After discussing more with my friends and my wife, I decided to take the leap of faith. I purposely did not do that much research into it, as I wanted it all to be a surprise!

In your own words – what happens at Noctorum Lodge: When I joined, it was described to me as ‘Big boys bingo’ and to be honest it is a bit like that… There is the structured bit where some people are asked to learn words (or ritual as it is called) – for anyone been through Scouting or any organisation then like that… some formal bit and then finish and relax! We always have meal after the meeting and their can be a few speeches / toasts but part of the structure. And then afterwards the real fun starts…

What do you most like about Noctorum Lodge: Everyone gets on so well with everyone else – we are all friends! The banter with friends; the social craic after the meetings – nothing better than having a few beers with mates to ‘chew the fat’ of the World! Also, on a couple of occasions we have visited other lodges one in Scotland and another in the Isle of Man. We have Ladies evenings and stuff – it is all Brill!

How good are you at keeping secrets: The society is not that secretive in fact, playing rugby it’s about the same as a call for a line-out, or calling a set-up in football…. Not that exciting or interesting unless involved!

Other hobbies and interests: Rugby Union – ex-player but still involved in the club, dog-walker and member of the Zoo.


Occupation: Engineer

Family: Married with two adult kids

How long have you been a Freemason?: 16 years

Have you been through the Chair / Worshipful Master?: Yes, in 2012

Why did you decide to join Freemasonry?: I grew up in the Scout movement and have always enjoyed strong friendships because of it. I was approached by a good friend, an exScout, who asked if I had thought about joining the Freemasons. I had been interested in the fraternity for a while but hadn't known where to start. He proposed me to the Lodge and I was interviewed and accepted.

What is Freemasonry?: I consider Freemasonry as a group of like minded individuals, who come together to improve their own lives, and hopefully the lives of others.

What do you do in the Lodge?: We attend seven meetings a year. At those meetings we begin with a formal Ritual inside the Lodge room. Ritual is a kind of moralic play, just to remind us of our duties to others and ourselves. Then we all sit down to a “festive board”, which is a meal punctuated by Toasts. This is where we loosen up, have a beer and catch up on the craic. Some members will move on to one of the local pubs after the Board, so it's generally a taxi home!

What’s with the leathers?: I am a member of the Cheshire Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association. The Widows Sons is a worldwide motorbike group for Masons with the aim of allowing its members to enjoy their hobby, raise awareness of Freemasonry and to raise money for charities. We have a group for none Masons called The Bad Pennies, that accompany us on our rideouts. If you are interested in more information click here.

Any other Thoughts?: We have a saying in Freemasonry, “If you want to be one,ask one”. If you are interested or have any questions just get in touch. We can help find the right Lodge for you.